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“How does it happen that we can know so much and do so much and live so badly?” Eugene Peterson 

Welcome to Planet & Soul! If this is your first visit, welcome.

Planet & Soul is the vision of Derek and Alison Rodwell. As we looked at our own lives and the lives of those around us we felt increasingly disillusioned with a number of things:

  • Too much stuff. We believed that spiritual values were paramount but we had just as much stuff as the people next door (if not more!)
  • Too much activity. We believed in the importance of finding a healthy rhythm but the frenzy of modern life was leaving us dissatisfied and pretty exhausted.
  • Too little connection. At the end of another action-packed week we’d ask why don’t we feel more fulfilled? We came to realise that we hadn’t connected deeply with what mattered most to us: God, family, friends or the natural environment.
  • Too much waste. We realised that we weren’t just wasting precious time and energy on the trivial, the draining and the unimportant; our chosen lifestyles were also wasting the planets limited resources

And so we thought we’d like to investigate whether there’s another way to live our lives, We wanted to invite both the Christian community to join us as well as the wider local community. As together we reflect and learn, adjust our priorities and encourage one another there were a number of destinations we had in mind:

Discovering a healthy rhythm to life that feeds our souls, blesses the planet and means we have more, not less, fun.

Prioritising relationships; connecting more deeply with friends, family and the local community as well as those very different to us.

Exploring how we might reconnect with the planet; engaging more meaningfully with food, the outdoors and creativity for starters. Becoming more deeply rooted to a particular place.

Prioritising the soul. How, for example, can we build prayer, meditation, worship and loving our neighbour into the fabric of our days and weeks? Are there tried and tested spiritual disciplines that will work in our modern context?

(PS.If you’re still wondering whether Planet & Soul is for you see our rather light-hearted ’10 indications that Planet & Soul may be for you’. Or for the more reflective, have a peek at our ‘reflections on Matthew 11 v 28-30‘ and see if it resonates.)

The plan

Planet & Soul provides tools to help us on the journey, make simple changes one step at a time and have lots of fun in the process.   It is based on Christian principles and also draws on many great resources developed by inspirational people.

Planet & Soul helps us revisit our relationship with the stuff we buy, the homes we live in, the food we eat and how we connect to God, people and planet. These are the areas where our lifestyles have the biggest impact on our planet and for some of us, on our souls too.

The Blog: written by Derek & Alison with some inspiring guest bloggers.  It combines thoughts to help us reflect as well as ideas to inspire us to action.

Check @planetandsoul on Twitter for the latest news and stories from people and brands around the world plus updates on campaigns that Planet & Soul is supporting.

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