Planet & Soul’s Best Buy No 1- onegreenbottle

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Alison writes:

As I’ve journeyed further along the ‘road less travelled’ towards a simpler lifestyle I’ve found some great products that are good for the planet, good for my health and also help me save some money to boot! In this and future blogs I’m going to let you into some of my secrets!

Do you ever find yourself out and about and in need of a drink of water? None of us should go very long without topping up with liquid and simple tap water (filtered if possible) is the recommended best option. Soft drinks and energy drinks are always a poor substitute as they often contain large amounts of sugar and calories. Plain tea, fruit teas and unsugared coffee are also regarded as healthy.

Current guidelines are that we should drink at least 6-8 glasses or cups of water a day and a recent survey in the US found that 75% of adults were dehydrated. Drinking enough water regularly throughout the day is therefore essential for keeping us fit and healthy.

The easy answer to our hydration needs is to buy bottled water but sadly these are sold in single use bottles that contain chemicals that leach into the water (not great!). Every day in the UK we use 36 million plastic bottles and only 15 million are recycled. The average household uses 500 a year.

Plastic, and especially plastic bags and bottles are the major source of pollution in our world’s oceans. Plastic takes 500-1,000 years to degrade and nearly every piece of plastic ever manufactured still exists somewhere on the planet (except the very little that has been incinerated). It breaks down in the ocean into very small pieces and there are enough pieces in one plastic bottle to become washed up on every mile of beach in the world.

So about a year ago I woke up to this and decided plastic was out. I set out to find the best bottle on the market.   After searching all over I found ‘Onegreenbottle’** I found these were fantastic; elegant, fun, adaptable and made of a very robust and toxin free stainless steel.

‘Onegreenbottle’ was started by a parent looking for a drinks bottle for her son to take to school each day. With a background as a research chemist and knowledge of the chemical composition of plastics, she identified 304-grade stainless steel as the most inert, safe and toxin free material around.

The bottles come in different sizes, colours and designs– the 250ml is perfect for kids while I like the 500ml although they also go up to 1 litre.   My little boy and his friends love the dinosaur range. They make perfect presents as you can personalise them too; as you might expect, I have the “Planet & Soul” logo on mine! And they have different lids – from the stylish stainless steel or bamboo to the practical child-friendly “quench” lid or fast flowing “big flipper” lid. They are also very robust- unlike many alternatives they can survive multiple droppings- believe me!

You never need drink water out of a plastic bottle again! A great way to save money- and the planet!

** Disclaimer – I am not on commission and there may well be other similar products which are equally as good, but the products I am writing about are ones I have tried and tested and can vouch for – and many of my friends too!