south-africa-1001561_640Resources for the adventurer in the realms of the spirit

  1. Much the best pioneer (that I’ve come across) in the area of prayer for the healing of creation and encountering God in the created order is Agnes Sanford (died 1982). I’d highly recommend her books “The Healing Light”, ‘The Healing Gifts of the Holy Spirit” and her autobiography, ‘Sealed Orders’ for their insight into healing of all kinds, including the natural world. The best book for healing of the created order, however, is “Creation Waits“. Not easy to get hold of but well worth it!
  2. Richard Fosters “Celebration of Discipline” is a classic introduction to a vast range of the ancient Christian spiritual disciplines. I first read it over 30 years ago and I doubt whether any other book has influenced my spiritual journey as much as this one. Picking it up again recently I am amazed at it’s wisdom and relevance to our crazy, mixed-up world.
  3. I would also recommend John Ortberg’s “The Life you’ve always wanted- Spiritual Disciplines for ordinary people“. An easily accessible introduction to some of the classic disciplines re-interpreted for our modern context and lifestyles.