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  Derek writes: It is impossible to live our lives without relying upon modern technology. Driving to the shops, phoning a friend, shopping on-line, watching TV, flying on holiday and a million other every-day activities all rely on technology that previous generations could never have imagined. But do we ever […]

Technology and living life at secondhand

    “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”  William Morris Alison writes: Research has shown that clutter can increase our stress levels. “Mess causes stress” as they say. The more stuff we have the more debt we incur, […]

6 steps for starting decluttering

In 2003 I returned to London after living in South America for four years and started to ask myself some questions.     Why are we so busy that we barely have time to say “Good Morning” to the people we work with let alone to get to know them […]

Alison’s Story

I’m a bit of a recent convert to ‘Planet & Soul’ thinking. 8 years ago I met my wife and I was obliged to rethink most of my assumptions and many of my habits! Before we met I thought that I was quite eco-friendly (I cycled and recycled- that was […]

Derek’s Story