10 indications that Planet & Soul may be right for you



  1. You’ve used the words ‘manic’, ‘stressed’ or ‘crazy’ more than once to describe your life over the last few months.
  2. You’re a stranger to Sabbath. Taking out 24 hours each week with no work, e-mails, shopping or chores sounds like crazy talk
  3. You’ve got stuff in long term storage or stacked up high in the garage/loft.
  4. It takes 2 or 3 days to wind-down when you go on holiday.
  5. You have a stab of conscience when you take yet another load of unwanted junk to the tip
  6. It’s beginning to dawn on you that the planet can’t sustain the kind of lifestyle that you see all around you.
  7. The garden is a mess.
  8. Adverts increasingly bug you.
  9. Leisurely mealtimes enjoying food and friends are a distant memory.
  10. You ask a friend how they are but don’t really have time to listen to the reply.